Right on Gary. That was a bull'seye.

Paul O

On Sat, 31 May 2003 19:45:24 -0500 Gerald Smith <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
> I believe they are discussing different ideas, but arriving at the 
> same
> conclusions overall. Elder Nelson is trying to refute the idea of 
> God
> unconditionally accepting everything we do, simply because he loves 
> us. 
> He will not exalt us in our sins, and we are erring if we think so.
> Elder Maxwell is teaching that God loves us period, however in the 
> same
> chapter he discusses that God is not always accepting of our 
> actions, nor
> will he bless us in our wickedness.
> The difference is terminology and what each is trying to express. 
> Kind of
> like a verse in the scriptures saying "by grace ye are saved" which 
> is a
> true, albeit, incomplete statement. It is correct, but can be taken 
> in
> different interpretations if not taken in its proper context.  So it 
> is
> with Elder Nelson's statement. He has an issue with calling God's 
> love
> unconditional, because it sounds like God is totally accepting of 
> all our
> actions, good or evil. But I'm sure he would not disagree with 
> Elder
> Maxwell's term of "perfect" love, which allows God to love us all, 
> but
> not necessarily be accepting of what we do or have become.
> K'aya K'ama,
> Gerald (Gary) Smith     
> [EMAIL PROTECTED]         
> http://www.geocities.com/rameumptom/index.html         LDS 
> Evidences,
> Family History, Food Storage, etc.
> George:
> Gary, I accept Elder Maxwells comments with all my heart, as that is 
> the
> way
> I have always beloved.  However how does this reconcile with Elder
> Nelsons
> article in the Ensign where he appears to say something very 
> different?

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