Okay, we're in this new branch (though it will probably be a ward by the end of this 
year at the rate we're going).  While there are a lot of new members, I'd say about 
2/3 of the branch have been members for a while.  However, it seems like some of those 
just don't bother to do the right thing.  For instance, both the opening and closing 
prayers in our sacrament meeting this past week were given by brothers who have been 
members of this branch for years, yet throughout both prayers, familiar terms (you, 
your, etc. vs. thee, thine, thy, etc...) were used quite often.  I thought I was 
listening to a Baptist prayer!  Now, I totally understand that newer members might not 
know that we shouldn't use the familiar terms and that doesn't bother.  What does 
bother me is that these two ought to know better.  I suspect they DO know better yet 
they're just doing it that way because they want to do it that way.  Am I just being 
too nit-picky here?

By the way, that brother who I feel was too familiar with me that first Sunday there 
(he hugged me instead shaking my outstretched hand and I'd never met the man 
before...) continues to try to make what I feel is too-close contact.  This past 
Sunday, I was sitting in the pew waiting for my husband to come sit by me and I had my 
arm outstretched along the back of the pew just waiting for my beloved.  As I was 
sitting there, I feel a hand on my shoulder and then that hand ran down my arm a bit 
and patted it.  I turn around expecting to see my husband and I saw this other guy.  
The meeting was just getting started so I didn't feel like I should be saying 
anything.  However, if he tries anything like that again, I've got to say something!  
What do I say?  The thought that came to my mind was to say something like, "I would 
prefer if you would just shake my hand when you greet me."  I don't know.  His wife 
already doesn't like me; she's the self-appointed matriarch of the branch (they've 
been here something like 40 years and she's thinks she's just IT!) and she teaches the 
Gospel Doctrine class.  She said something in class that wasn't correct and I 
corrected her.  I did it in a civil manner, but apparently one is not supposed to 
correct her (according to her anyway) judging by her reaction to me ever since then.  
I prefer to be on good terms with all my fellow ward/branch members, and so I am 
somewhat bothered by this, but I'm not so bothered that I'm sorry I corrected her.  
Anyway...any suggestions from anyone?

Thanks for listening to my gripe session...
Heidi the fair

Heidi Page
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