On the hallowed language issue-- you can lead a horse to water but you
can't make him drink. The General Authorities have constantly tried to
tell the Church to use the appropriate language. There is usually a
conference talk on this subject at least every few years. But these
members just don't pay attention and haven't learned how to talk to God
in the right terms.

On the issue of that guy who likes to touch you: 

Tell him to keep his greasy hands off you! Don't be nice about it!! Those
type of creeps only understand one language. If you are polite and soft
about it he will just figure you are hard to get and he might try again
or modify his tactics. Bottom line, he is a creep and you need to tell
him to keep the hell away from you and use that terminology! He will
understand that language and your problem will be solved. Your husband
doesn't need to get involved. You can handle it just fine and nip it in
the bud. As far as the wife of the creep is concerned; Blow her off, she
isn't worth you trouble. She hasn't managed to get her creepy husband in
line and is probably a looser too.

Paul O
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