On Sat, 12 Jul 2003 06:53:08 -0800 "John W. Redelfs"
> Noel B favored us with:
> >For an answer I would have to look to God and the prophet. When I
> listen
> >to President Hinckley, I hear a very positive message. I have to
> assume
> >that each one of us must seek confirmation of that message from God
> that
> >we are a righteous people and have favor in His eyes.
> President Benson said the whole Church was under condemnation
> because we 
> don't properly value the Book of Mormon.  Has that changed?  I don't 
> think 
> so, but I suppose I could be wrong.  When I hear glowing reports 
> about the 
> growth of the Church, and how well we are accepted by the world on 
> the one 
> hand, and hear about condemnation because of our disregard of the 
> Book of 
> Mormon I suffer from some cognitive dissonance.  I suppose there is 
> some 
> resolution of the two, but on the surface they seem to contradict.
> John W. Redelfs                       [EMAIL PROTECTED]


President Bensen is dead. What he said has no bearing anymore regarding
the direction and present condition of the Church, let alone the future
direction. This responsibility lies upon the shoulders of the current

If the Church is still under condemnation for not reading the Book of
Mormon, the Lord will tell us through his prophet. Otherwise, we are
collectively in the clear.  

Paul O

So, Paul,

You are saying that no revelation given to a dead prophet is with merit?
That the warning that President Benson gave, namely that we are still
under condemnation for treating the Book of Mormon lightly, is of no
current relevance? Did that injunction end with his death? Were we
magically released from that condemnation when he died?

I suffer from the same malady that John does. I read of the warnings in
the scripture and strive to rationalize the current state of affairs in
the church, nation, and world. I hang on the words of our current
prophet and president to help understand the gap. 

I have heard that 9/11 could be construed as a message that God no
longer is protecting this nation. We have discussed this matter at
length on this list in the past. Could there be a message in the temple
fire that we, as a church, should comprehend? I still think this is a
valid question. 

I am reminded of Israel clamoring for a king so they could be like the
other nations around them. I believe this is an example of the Lord
giving the people what they want to receive and hear and see. The
children of Israel made a choice which effected their ability to receive
the word of the Lord. Could it be that President Hinckley is constrained
in what he says because we, speaking collectively, don't want to hear
harsh words?

I, personally, think it is very dangerous to cry "all is well" and
marginalize the warnings in the scriptures to our generation. 

Noel B

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