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President Bensen is dead. What he said has no bearing anymore regarding
the direction and present condition of the Church, let alone the future
direction. This responsibility lies upon the shoulders of the current

If the Church is still under condemnation for not reading the Book of
Mormon, the Lord will tell us through his prophet. Otherwise, we are
collectively in the clear.

Paul O

I don't agree. The Lord, who trumps all the prophets of God, past, present and future, first gave this revelation in 1832. Since that time Joseph Smith, who was the instrument through which the revelation came is dead and so is every other prophet except our current living prophet. Since Joseph Smith is dead, are we to believe that this revelation is no longer binding? I don't agree with your logic. President Benson said the condemnation was still in effect. I believe him. Just because President Benson is dead and no longer around does not mean the curse is dead. Silence from our current Prophet does not necessarily mean the curse is no longer in effect.

Steven Montgomery

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