On Sat, 12 Jul 2003 14:12:11 -0600 Steven Montgomery
> At 10:44 AM 7/12/2003, Paul wrote:
> >John,
> >
> >President Bensen is dead. What he said has no bearing anymore 
> regarding
> >the direction and present condition of the Church, let alone the 
> future
> >direction. This responsibility lies upon the shoulders of the 
> current
> >leadership.
> >
> >If the Church is still under condemnation for not reading the Book 
> of
> >Mormon, the Lord will tell us through his prophet. Otherwise, we 
> are
> >collectively in the clear.
> >
> >Paul O
> I don't agree. The Lord, who trumps all the prophets of God, past, 
> present 
> and future, first gave this revelation in 1832. Since that time 
> Joseph 
> Smith, who was the instrument through which the revelation came is 
> dead and 
> so is every other prophet except our current living prophet. Since 
> Joseph 
> Smith is dead, are we to believe that this revelation is no longer 
> binding? 
> I don't agree with your logic. President Benson said the 
> condemnation was 
> still in effect. I believe him. Just because President Benson is 
> dead and 
> no longer around does not mean the curse is dead. Silence from our 
> current 
> Prophet does not necessarily mean the curse is no longer in effect.

Ok, ok. No need to roast me over the coals. ;-)

What has President Hinckley said about this stuff during his Presidency?
Have you thought of that?

Paul O

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