Call it serendipity if you will, but while researching an entirely different subject I came across an article (See URL below) written by Richard O. Cowan, entitled, "The Great Temple of the New Jerusalem." While Cowan does not go into detail about the functions of the various temples involved, such as whether or not animal sacrifices will take place in certain temples, he does list the various temples and what groups will use them. Here is his list and then afterwards the URL:

0-12 House of the Lord, for the Presidency West: of the High and most Holy Priesthood, after Melchizedek the order of Melchizedek. Presidency

7-9 Sacred Apostolic Repository, for the Bishopric use of the Bishop.

4-6 Holy Evangelical House, for the High High Priests Priesthood of the Holy Order of God.

1-3 House of the Lord, for the Elders of Elders Zion, an Ensign of the Nations. East: Aaronic

22-24 House of the Lord for the Presidency Presidency of the High Priesthood, after the Order of Aaron

19-21 House of the Lord, Law of the Priests Kingdom of Heaven, Messenger to the People; for the Highest Priesthood after the Order of Aaron

16-18 House of the Lord for the Teachers Teachers in Zion, Messenger to the Church

13-15 House of the Lord for the Deacons Deacons in Zion, Helps in Government

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