Richard Cowan is a professor at BYU.  He has been a Stake President and who
knows what else.  He is also Blind.

He is one you can have some confidence in.


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> Steven Montgomery wrote:
> >Call it serendipity if you will, but while researching an entirely
> >different subject I came across an article (See URL below) written by
> >Richard O. Cowan, entitled, "The Great Temple of the New Jerusalem."
> >Cowan does not go into detail about the functions of the various temples
> >involved, such as whether or not animal sacrifices will take place in
> >certain temples, he does list the various temples and what groups will
> >them. Here is his list and then afterwards the URL:
> Who is Richard O. Cowan?  Is he LDS or RLDS?  Just curious.  --JWR
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