Well, I guess we'll find out some day. Perhaps more information will be forthcoming. Another witness, conformable to the law of witnesses, would give this idea more credibility.

Perhaps another witness along the lines of Mars reaching its peak of brightness at a significant calendrical date or something similar. I simply don't know enough about such things. I did suggest some time back to John Pratt that he do an article on this subject but I don't know whether he took my suggestion to heart. All he would commit to is that he "might."

Steven Montgomery

At 11:20 AM 7/30/2003, you wrote:
I have to admit, Steve, that this is thinking outside of the box.

There have been so many other times that a harbinger of war would have been
appropriate that I need to ask what were the signs at those times?  If
heavenly bodies are truly foretellers of events, or trends, as you suggest
then where are the signs that lead up to this concluding and convincing
event.  It would seem that other smaller signs would have suggested other
events in the past.

It would seem very likely that we tend to think that now is the most
important sign and therefore all would testify of the events coming up.  I,
myself, have often been victim of this kind of thinking.

While the ancients may have looked to the heavens for direction and
instruction, it is not likely that there are many in today's world that
would find this significant, or even noteworthy - just because not many
would even ask the questions that would lead to a meaningful conclusion.
Therefore it would seem that the usefulness of the sign would be diminished.

On the other hand I, like you, look to all things to testify of Christ and
the happenings in our world.  Therefore I do not dismiss your suggestions -
just need more information and background for your suggestions.


----- Original Message ----- From: "Steven Montgomery" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> To: <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> Sent: Wednesday, July 30, 2003 11:10 AM Subject: [ZION] Mars

> By August 27th, the planet Mars will be at magnitude -2.9 (The lower the > magnitude the brighter) and will be brighter than any star and the second > brightest planet. Eclipsed in brightness only by the Sun, Moon and the > planet Venus (when Venus can be seen). Since Mars can be seen at night > while the planet Venus can only be seen at dawn or dusk it (Mars) is > certainly the brightest object (except the Moon of course) in the nighttime > sky. > > Furthermore, scientists say that Mars will be the brightest than its ever > been in 60,000 years (which certainly means that it will shine the > brightest since the fall of Adam and the Earth's "temporal" existence). In > other words, never, since the Fall of Adam has the planet Mars shone with > such brightness. Which brings up some interesting questions. > > Since the planets and the stars were created, not only to be of benefit to > man for telling time (seasons, days and years) but also to stand as "signs" > (Genesis 1: 14) as well (For instance, Christ is compared to the planet > Venus--the bright and morning star and you'll recall the "star" which > appeared at the birth of Christ), is there any significance to the fact > that by the end of August Mars will be the brightest it has ever been in > human history? Is it, in other words, a "sign" of the times? > > Here is my take on the matter (pure conjecture). The planet Mars is the > Roman god of war. Mars is also red, symbolic of blood. Could the brightness > of Mars could be symbolic or a harbinger of the wars that are to be poured > out very shortly upon this earth? > > Or, could Mars be playing out a grand spectacular nighttime drama--symbolic > of the struggle between Christ and Satan? In other words, Is Mars playing > the role of the great usurper--challenging Christ (The Planet Venus) for > supremacy. Mars rules the night (symbolic itself of Satan and his darkness) > but never quite attains the brightness of the planet Venus. Is Mars > symbolic of Satan when he appeared to Moses, appearing as an angel of > "light" but because Satan's light was more or less that of darkness (Moses > 1: 13-14) Moses was able to detect Satan as the deceiver and usurper that > he was? > > These are just a few of the thoughts and questions that I've pondered the > last few weeks. What do you think? Does the brightness of Mars (by the end > of August) stand as a "sign" of the times? > > > -- > Steven Montgomery > [EMAIL PROTECTED] > > Recall the new star that announced the birth at Bethlehem? It was in its > precise orbit long before it so shone. We are likewise placed in human > orbits to illuminate. Divine correlation functions not only in the cosmos > but on this planet, too. After all, the Book of Mormon plates were not > buried in Belgium, only to have Joseph Smith born centuries later in > distant Bombay. (Elder Neal A. Maxwell, Conference Report, Saturday > Morning, Oct 2002) > > //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// // > /// ZION LIST CHARTER: Please read it at /// > /// http://www.zionsbest.com/charter.html /// > //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// / > > >

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