Mars brightness by the end of August would certainly seem to me to qualify as a "wonder in heaven." What would give this idea more significance and credibility is if August 27th happened to be a significant date in Jewish or Mormon history. Does anyone know? Did anything of religious significance happen on this particular date?

Steven Montgomery

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Steven Montgomery wrote:
These are just a few of the thoughts and questions that I've pondered the last few weeks. What do you think? Does the brightness of Mars (by the end of August) stand as a "sign" of the times?

It seems possible to me, but not certain. We know that among the "signs of the times" are "wonders in the heavens." Well, the brightness of Mars that you speak of would certainly qualify as a wonder in the heavens, but whether it is one of those that serves as a sign of the times is an unanswered question. I guess only unfolding world events and the inspiration of heaven could answer that question.

I am a bit skeptical, however. Some time ago I thought the collision of a giant comet with the planet Jupiter was such a sign. It was on the cover of all the news magazines. And I think it originated the current concern in some circles that the earth could be hit by an asteroid or comet. I fully expected some great cataclysm, possible another global war. But nothing unusual happened.

As a result I have given up trying to figure out such things. I have fully expected another global war, similar to but far more destructive than WWII, ever since I was a child 50 years ago, but it hasn't happened. I guess it will just happen when it happens. I no longer try to predict anything by the stars and planets.

I'm waiting for an hailstorm to destroy all the crops of the earth, and a huge earthquake that is global in impact. I'm waiting for Jerusalem to once again be under siege as it has so often in the past. And I'm waiting for Jackson County to be swept off so that the temple construction can begin. These are the signs of the times I'm waiting upon. The brilliance of Mars seems rather obscure.

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