That's what I would hope is that they have no power to really defile the temple. Look at what happened to the first Nauvoo temple!


At 02:26 AM 08/20/2003 +0000, you wrote:

Stacy Smith wrote:
> I still don't understand the question I asked being answered.  We know
> that
> many people attend the temple when they shouldn't.  Doesn't this defile
> the
> temple itself?

Stacy, I don't think so.

The Temple is the House of the Lord, the absolute domain of Heavenly
Father.  It is sanctified by His power.  I think we simply don't have
the capacity to diminish that.

Apparently it serves His purposes to permit the unworthy or unqualified
to visit the Temple at their own volition.  Yet I do not doubt that He
watches over the affairs in the Temple with special interest.  I do not
believe the defilers have any power to do more than heap condemnation
and destruction upon their own heads.

Hopefully those who realize what they are doing will repent quickly, in
fear and trembling.

Jim Cobabe

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