> Grampa Bill comments:
>     Found an excellent (if wordy) discussion on staying safe in a virus
> infected world at
> http://www.isalliance.org/resources/papers/ISAhomeuser.pdf . Many of
> their suggestions are common semse, but it never hurts to make sure the
> basics are covered before going off into the wild blue yonder.
>     McAfee has an excellent reputation (though like you, I use Norton).
> Do you know if the virus definitions were being kept up-to-date? How
> about Windows patches and critical updates? Actually, these, (which are
> free) are all that are needed to prevent infection by this latest

McAfee is updated daily.  At home, I have never been infected in over 12
years (since Al and I invented the Internet - actually, I did a lot of work
on designing DARPANet back in the late 60's and early 70's at UCLA.  I
worked on the topological design of the net, satellite network
communications, etc.).  My rules are simple:
1.  I always have an up-to-date good anti-virus program running.
2.  I scan my entire computer several times a week.
3.  I NEVER open any attachment that does not meet the following criteria:
   - It passes the anti-virus test
   - I am expecting it, or
   - It is from someone I know, and the context it comes with is specific,
not generic, or
   - I call and find out if it is legitimate (this has been done only a few

My sister-in-law (SIL) constantly sent little doodads as attachments.  My
wife, being very good at following my instructions in this one case (:-),
refused to open them.  My SIL was offended.  My SIL's computer became
infected.  She no longer sends things as attachments.

If this has worked for me for as long as it has, and I get no less than 100
emails/day - usually 200+ - then this should work for anyone.  There are
other rules to follow, like about downloads, etc., but this was not intended
as a tutorial.


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