A bunch of years ago - late 1980's iirc - a man with an expired temple
recommend (he had been ex'd, I think) forced his way into the D.C. Temple
with a gun and held a couple of temple workers hostage for a few hours.  He
eventually surrendered and the story made the news.  The temple was closed
for a day or two.  If I remember right, they just quietly rededicated that
part of the temple.  I'm not sure, though...I was a teenager at the time
and not much was said about how they handled it.  Does anyone else remember?

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> This is what happened in Manti, as we were told by some Manti folks. 
Most of the time, entering the temple unworthily is considered
significantly different from defiling the temple (a premeditated act which
leaves physical evidence).  Entering the temple unworthily defiles the
person, not the temple.
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> Stacy Smith:
> I was wondering how it works, that's all.
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> I think the scripture says "It shall be holy, or the Lord your 
> God will not dwell therein."
> When a person who is not worthy enters and leaves the 
> temple, and no one knows about it (that is, we mere 
> mortals), I don't think anything is done.
> I have heard of two or three situations where someone 
> broke into a temple and either did things they shouldn't 
> or caused minor damage.  In those cases, after any 
> needed repairs, I understand that the temple president 
> was authorized by the President of the Church to 
> rededicate that area of the temple.
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