On Mon, 25 Aug 2003 17:01:04 -0500 Valerie Nielsen Williams
> You made me smile, Paul.  When I read your comment, my mind raced to
> Mormon Doctrine 20+ years ago, when McConkie said that the great 
> and
> abominable church was the Catholic church, and how he had to soften 
> his
> blow and retract that in later editions.  Maybe the JW's did the 
> same
> thing.  Or else it isn't listed in the pamphlet for public school
> teachers ;-)
> On that topic, does anyone think that maybe McConkie was on the 
> right
> track?  What with all the scandal in the Catholic church today??
> Just wondering ;-)

The Church is pretty sugar coaty these days and won't say anything bad
about other churches or any one for that matter, except for child
molesters and wife abusers. You have to go to the Book of Mormon to get
the dirt on the Catholic church. Bruce R. McConkie was right about the
Catholic church and with it goes all the rest.

I suppose when President Monson becomes Church President (we have so many
Presidents in this Church) that the sugar coating will get a lot thicker.
Thicker and thicker until you can lick em like lolly pop. :-))

What do you think JWR?

Paul O

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