That's not true of me. I loved medical transcription but did not have the necessary speed required and the references I was able to get became out of date soon. I loved it and I could learn to love something else.


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I wish I could work at all. The Department of Rehabilitation in this county has evaluated me and decided I am unemployable. This is no laughing matter for me and has caused me much depression. Seeing I have no children, employment outside the home should not have been a problem for me.

A number of years ago I was a telephone salesman, selling magazine advertising over the telephone. I got really good at it after weeks of failure. I'll bet a blind person could do it better than a sighted person because they would be more sensitive to the subtle nuances in the voice of both themselves and their prospective customers. Of course some people don't like that kind of work. Come to think of it, some people don't like any kind of work.

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