Stacy Smith wrote:
> The line must be decided individual case by individual case between the
> person and the bishop, I'm sure.
in response to a posting by Jim Cobabe:
> >With regard to applying prophetic counsel, where is the line between
> >personal prerogative and inspiration, and personal apostasy?

I don't think that it is any of the Bishop's business, in general.  In fact
this entire thread has seemed a bit strange to me.

On numerous occasions, we have been counseled that women need to get a good
education to not waste the gifts that have been given to her.  I would
hazard to guess that many working mothers do not really have to work, that
the family could work things out so that she would not have to work.

However, there are many cases where the financial situation requires a woman
to work, some of them unforseeable, some of them unavoidable, and some of
the the result of bad decisions and completely avoidable.

Unforseeable:  the husband is disabled and there has been insufficient time
for the family to build up sufficient reserves/disabiliy insurance to make
it through, or some similar situation.

Unavoidable (by the mother):  a flake of a husband leaves the family by
running off or committing a crime, etc.  The mother has no alternative but
to take on both roles.

Bad decisions:  The husband dies and has no/insufficient life insurance.
The famliy acrues unnecessary/avoidable debt.

But whatever the case, it is between the individual and his/her maker to
judge.  In my own personal opinion, each individual knows in their heart
whether they are working out of necessity, or if they really don not need to
work, or could arrange things so as not to have to work (move locations or
to a smaller house, etc.).


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