Think of how many things that start with G need to be taught (learned?).

There is so much to learn about "God", just as much to know about "good"
or "goodness". What about "gratitude", "grace", "guilt", "gentleness",
or "glory".  

And there are things like "gambling" and "gossip". I have something to
say about them.  What is wrong with gambling?  I know it's trying to get
something for nothing, at least that's what we are told.  But what's so
wrong with that? Besides it isn't strictly true.  The gambler does offer
something, actually usually a lot more than he gets.  And he certainly
accepts risk. I guess one drawback to gambling is that it seems to be
addictive and win or lose it leads to other undesirable things.  The
winner is proud, for absolutely no good reason.  The worst sort of
pride.  The loser is distraught, for very good reason. The worst sort of
grief. And the loser sometimes tries to cover his or her losses by
stealing or other sad things. You read about that in the paper everyday.
"Bookkeeper at Laundry Indicted for Fraud - Stole over $100,000 to try
to make up for Vegas binges". But really the worst thing about gambling
is that it steals your hope from where it belongs.  People who buy
lottery tickets or bet the horses or the football pools do it because
they are hoping it will make them happy.  They place their hope on that
winning number to make this life less miserable. This robs them of the
initiative to do the real things that bring happiness, like living the
gospel with exactness and drawing nearer to God. Our hope should be in
Jesus Christ, and Him crucified, not in Friday's 6-49 draw. Where your
(hope for) treasure is, there will your heart be also. You can't serve
God and the Lottery.... You get the idea. That's why I think gambling is
a pernicious evil, it presents a destructive counterfeit method of
finding relief from the troubles of this world.

What else is wrong with gambling?

I'll write about gossip another time.  Maybe later today. And gladness,
grudges, guile, gospel, gifts, genealogy, guidance and gross.

Nice to be back. Natasha kicked me off Zion on her own back near the end
of that brouhaha with George and I could never find the list again. My
version of Topica didn't even show Zion as a place. When Natasha
banishes you she does it right. I did find George again but lost Jim.
Jim stayed right here, right? 

Think about gird, gathering, and gulf. Ah yes, G is where it's at.
There's so much to talk about, and we haven't even considered the words
that begin with "eh".  


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