Well Tom, you say count and I say confirm, but either way I am happy to
still be speculating on that, rather than having a sure knowledge.  At your
suggestion, and after some thought, I have repeated the email I sent to the
other list for the edification, I hope, of these good list members.

Folks, I would like to take a bit of your time
to share the past few weeks with you.  I
would like you to know of the great blessing I have received.

First I am beyond OK, although at first it did not seem that I would be able
to say so in such a short time.  All of the tests and pathology reports came
back in the best possible language.  They could not have been better.  So
Hoo Ray!!!  Hoo Ray!!!  Hoo Ray for me!!!!

On Oct 8th I went in for a routine colonoscopy,  I had no symptoms and no
reason for any sort of fear.  Afterward the doctor told me how lucky I was,
that if I had not had the test then I likely would have developed Cancer
unknown, and would have been dead in a year.

On friday they tried to call me but were unable to reach me until I returned
the call on Monday Morning.  I was told that the 2cm polpyl that they had
taken out was Cancerous.  I do not understate it when I say I was a bit
scared.  Spent a bit of time as I worked that day with tears in my eyes as I
thought of all the horrible implications.

Monday I had a appt with my regular doctor and scheduled a visit with the
surgeon the next day.

***First significant event.  That night I was restless and unable to sleep
and found myself in prayer.  I will not relate the sacred and strong events
of that night as I hope to have many more similiar events.  I will tell you
that God bore witness to me that I was OK, He truly loved me and my family,
and that I had nothing to fear as it was not my time to go - even though I
expressed a willingness to do so.  I NEVER had a moment of concern after
that moment.

If nothing else had happened in regard to these events this night with my
Father in Heaven would have made all else worth it.  Can you understand what
I am saying?  To receive such a witness is worth any price.

Tuesday - saw the Surgeon and scheduled Surgery for Thursday mid day.

***Second significant event.  I had all my family gather at my home and we
told them what was going on with their Father.  I have five kids.  Three I
can brag about with the best of you.  They do everything right.  Two are a
bit of a challenge - and I look for opportunities to testify to them of what
is important to me.  Family, Church, Priesthood.  We had my two worthy sons
bless me and then had a family prayer.  My kids all organized themselve to
cover the children and allow the one couple to proceed with previous plans
in spite of Dad not being available.  Who was touched most, you ask?
 Guess who - you are right the two I want to witness to the most.

You see, once again, if nothing else had happened in regard to these events
save the influence I am able to have on my two problems, it would have been
worth it.

Can you see how I am blessed?

Cat Scan on Wednesday and Surgery on Thursday.  All goes well and recovery
is remarkable.  I went in healthy and did what I was told.  I heal quick.

***Third significant event.  Simple story - profound meanings.  As I was
lieing in bed healing in the hospital my wife was making phone calls doing
some Visiting Teaching follow up.  I must of moved or groaned or something.
She wondered if she was bothering me with the sound of the phone calls.  The
most profound feelings of love and appreciation for this woman came over me
and I realized how the exact opposite was true.  The sound of HER voice was
the healing influence I needed.  I have always loved my wife, but for that
moment I knew how important she really was to me,

Once again this event alone would have made the experience worth the trial.

Out of the hospital in four days instead of eight having never really having
pain and only a little discomfort.  I am doing fine although I do get tired

More than I had ever imagined before I know what is meant by being blessed
by our trials.  The trials and suffering, whether great or as in my case
very small, truly do bring the blessing of heaven.  I understand more that
ever how people say they would never give up the tough experience they have

I love God, and more importantly I know He loves me.  What more could I ask

Bless you all, I hope I have not rambled on incessantly.

Thanks for your concerns,


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> > Don't forget George while you are at it, Tom.  I hope that it will be in
> the
> > good column,
> >
> > George
> Of course!  G is for George. George the good. Or - Good Old George. Yes
> Jesus love you. You know that, and not just because the bible tells you
> Have you shared your recent experiences with this list George?  I was
> so hard to be good and stay under the 5 post minimum on FAIR that I didn't
> say there how wonderful it was to hear of your blessings. We know you are
> anxious to get up there and count the degrees of glory and any sub
> for yourself, but it was great to find out that your inevitable has been
> off for a while anyway.
> Tom

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