Don't forget George while you are at it, Tom.  I hope that it will be in the
good column,


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> Think of how many things that start with G need to be taught (learned?).
> There is so much to learn about "God", just as much to know about "good"
> or "goodness". What about "gratitude", "grace", "guilt", "gentleness",
> or "glory".
> And there are things like "gambling" and "gossip". I have something to
> say about them.  What is wrong with gambling?  I know it's trying to get
> something for nothing, at least that's what we are told.  But what's so
> wrong with that? Besides it isn't strictly true.  The gambler does offer
> something, actually usually a lot more than he gets.  And he certainly
> accepts risk. I guess one drawback to gambling is that it seems to be
> addictive and win or lose it leads to other undesirable things.  The
> winner is proud, for absolutely no good reason.  The worst sort of
> pride.  The loser is distraught, for very good reason. The worst sort of
> grief. And the loser sometimes tries to cover his or her losses by
> stealing or other sad things. You read about that in the paper everyday.
> "Bookkeeper at Laundry Indicted for Fraud - Stole over $100,000 to try
> to make up for Vegas binges". But really the worst thing about gambling
> is that it steals your hope from where it belongs.  People who buy
> lottery tickets or bet the horses or the football pools do it because
> they are hoping it will make them happy.  They place their hope on that
> winning number to make this life less miserable. This robs them of the
> initiative to do the real things that bring happiness, like living the
> gospel with exactness and drawing nearer to God. Our hope should be in
> Jesus Christ, and Him crucified, not in Friday's 6-49 draw. Where your
> (hope for) treasure is, there will your heart be also. You can't serve
> God and the Lottery.... You get the idea. That's why I think gambling is
> a pernicious evil, it presents a destructive counterfeit method of
> finding relief from the troubles of this world.
> What else is wrong with gambling?
> I'll write about gossip another time.  Maybe later today. And gladness,
> grudges, guile, gospel, gifts, genealogy, guidance and gross.
> Nice to be back. Natasha kicked me off Zion on her own back near the end
> of that brouhaha with George and I could never find the list again. My
> version of Topica didn't even show Zion as a place. When Natasha
> banishes you she does it right. I did find George again but lost Jim.
> Jim stayed right here, right?
> Think about gird, gathering, and gulf. Ah yes, G is where it's at.
> There's so much to talk about, and we haven't even considered the words
> that begin with "eh".
> Tom
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