John W. Redelfs wrote:
> I think that Bloom's book could be very dangerous to us as a people.  
> What 
> do you think?

Not following you, John.

What is a danger to us as LDS people?  Seems to me that the greatest 
danger we face is not following our religion.  We could become just like 
most others in the world -- paying hypocritical lip service to our 
ideals while living as we please.

Our greatest threat comes not from our critics.  It comes from failing 
to please our God.

Harold Bloom is an interesting academic voice.  But his 
characterizations of Mormon culture mostly miss the point.  Your quote 
from him about Joseph Smith is a good example.  Bloom fails to catch the 
pragmatic spirit that was so characteristic of Saints in the Nauvoo era. 
 Their efforts were never "quixotic".  These were not people with their 
head in the clouds.  They got things done by doing what was possible and 
trusting the Lord for the rest.  Would that we had more of this kind of 
collective resolve today.  We could change the world in a major way.  
And more than people like Bloom would have to sit up and take notice.

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