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Some former list members are returning. Hallelujah! I'm interested in finding out who is still here. Let's have a roll call.

How about you Elmer Fairbanks?

We're not sure about him. But Attilla the ELF is still alive and well

Can anyone think of a way to get Tom Valletta back on here? I think that Elmer said he was off his mission.

He finished July 1. The last email address I have is from January of 2002, so I doubt it's still good. He's now director of Curriculum, so he shouldn't be too hard to track down.

Are you there Tammy Reber?

Now that would be a real treat!

We suspect that folks are busy trying to keep the kingdom of God alive in their own little corners of the vineyard. Some of us have been wearing ourselves out.

Till the naughty

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