John W. Redelfs wrote:
> Some former list members are returning.  Hallelujah!  I'm interested in 
> finding out who is still here.  Let's have a roll call.

Sandy here, checking in.  Mostly, though, I'll probably be in occasional 
lurk mode for the time being.  Quick highlights--

* Melinda and I not long ago celebrated our second wedding anniversary.

* I'm now beginning my first year in law school (see for specifics on the school).

* Andrea commenced the "terrible two's" somewhat earlier than 
anticipated.  Only last night she poured baby powder all over our 
satellite receiver--on purpose.

* Melinda's father had a serious stroke, prompting her to return to the 
Philippines for a month a few weeks ago.  She and Andrea only recently 
returned.  The prognosis was originally extremely poor--he was in a coma 
and on life support for nearly 10 days--but he is now slowly making a 
recovery.  That he has progressed this far has exceeded anyone's 
expectations...perhaps the doctors most of all.

That's all I have.... /Sandy/

The Rabinowitz Family, [EMAIL PROTECTED]
Spring Hill, Tennessee

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