I am here, though mostly lurking.  For the past three weeks, I have been a 'de facto' 
single mom while my dear husband has been in Los Angeles on "strike duty" at Ralph's.  
He works in management for Ralph's parent company, Kroger, and they sent him out there 
to train replacement workers and to help keep things going.  Mostly, they've had him 
at a store in East LA, though his hotel is closer to Redondo Beach.  He flies home 
Sunday night and it can't come quick enough.  Meanwhile, I started a new part time job 
as a legal secretary/assistant.  I love my job - the working situation, the pay and 
the hours.  I go to work after taking the kids to school and I get done in time to go 
pick them up, and then I'm home in the afternoon.  So, it's been stressful, but then 
again, the Lord has blessed us all during this.  My mom did fly out for a week to help 
me out (which was great - she helped me decorate my home); we've all been protected by 
the hand of the Lord on more than a few occasions (for instance, my mom, the kids and 
I were driving home from Bowling Green after seeing my sister, which is an hour's 
drive, at night.  I was toodling along at the speed limit of 65 when I felt a sudden 
impression to slow down, so I knocked the cruise control down to 50.  As we climbed up 
a hill, a fairly large group of deer had just finished crossing the highway and had I 
kept on toodling at 65, I would've hit right in the middle of it).

Anyway, that's a quick rundown of what's been going on with me.
Heidi the fair

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Subject: [ZION] Roll Call

Some former list members are returning.  Hallelujah!  I'm interested in 
finding out who is still here.  Let's have a roll call.

Are you there Paul Osborne?

How about you Elmer Fairbanks?

Johnna, WRU?

Mark Gregson, are you still getting the list mail?

Gary Smith, you are back with us, right?

I wish Marc Schindler would return, but I guess that is asking for too much.

Can anyone think of a way to get Tom Valletta back on here?  I think that 
Elmer said he was off his mission.

Grampa Lewis, are you still with us?

How about you Cousin Bill?

I know you are there Heidi.

Are you there Tammy Reber?

John English, you are still with us, aren't you?

Let's get this list going again.  It has been dying on the vine since Tom 
Matkin, Gary Smith, and Marc Schindler left.  But it is worth saving, don't 
you think?

John W. Redelfs                       [EMAIL PROTECTED]
"There is no place in this work for those who believe only
in the gospel of doom and gloom.  The gospel is good
news.  It is a message of triumph." --Gordon B. Hinckley
All my opinions are tentative pending further data. --JWR 

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