Don't forget to vote early and vote often.

My absentee ballot was sent over a week ago.  Unfortuately, I
will have no real say in who becomes mayor of the fair city of
Savannah.  There will almost definitely be a run-off and Georgia
law (or perhaps Chatham County, but probably Georgia) requires
all absentee ballots to be in by the end of election day.  Since
the run-off will be held only two weeks after the general
election, I doubt very seriously that Savannah will have its
ballots ready to be mailed in time to get to me for me to get it
back in time for the run-off.

Or something like that.  I don't particularly feel like going
back to make sure my grammar matches up.  Hope you guys know what
I'm trying to say.

Cousin Bill
"Our country, right or wrong.  When
right, to be kept right.  When wrong,
to be put right." -- Carl Schurz

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