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> At 10:57 AM 11/4/2003 -0900, BLT wrote:
> >There is no mystery, Ron.  The list has been pretty dead lately, and I
> >thought that you might liven things up a bit.  You are not bashful about
> >posting, and some difference of opinion stimulates discussion.
> I'm with John, here.  I really appreciate the difference of opinions, as
> long as they don't turn into ad hominem shouting matches. (we have grown
> some, haven't we?)  Besides, Ron's a nice guy and I likes to hang around
> with all-around-nice-guys
> Till

Ad hominem defined: he who defines the term, can always redefine it to
justify his attacks.

But thanks, Till. I hope my differences of opinion aren't inferred (again)
as ad hominems, but are regarded as they are intended: challenges to beliefs
and practices that I don't think are consistent with the gospel Christ

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