It was a tease, honest.  I know I have to mind my Ps and Qs around you,
because you know my stake president way too well -- The Desert Rat who
couldn't stand the bone-chilling cold of New England, but inexplicably
acclimated well to Alaska. Go figure.  <grin>


P.S. Did I ever tell you that Bruce R. and family lived just down the street
from my parents. One of his kids crushed my nose playing football.  Devout
old timers in my ward used to get worked up into a lather whenever he'd
show-up for gospel doctrine or priesthood class (once or twice a year). Not
all, not all by a long shot, agreed with everything that proceeded from his
mouth...and the debates were lively, even contentious, and always

P.P.S. a BRM story, perhaps one I told here long ago, and I hope I get it
right because I'm writing it from memory...and it's been a decade or so
since I heard the story.

Shortly after BRM died, his brother Oscar dropped by President Hinckley's
office to inform him that Sister McConkie, Bruce's mother had finally passed
away ( As I recall she died within a few weeks of Bruce's passing). Oscar
said his mother knew it was her time.

"When I went to visit her the other day she was out by the curb waiting, her
bags packed," he reported.
"I asked her what she was doing."

She said, "I'm waiting for Bruce ... he's been gone long enough to have
become a big shot over there too and get special permission to come back and
get me like he promised he would.

Apparently, President Hinckley's laughter could be heard up and down the
halls of 47EST.


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> Ron Scott wrote:
> >Yes, I'm still in Boston. Temple is built. I haven't been in it.  And, I
> >don't know how long I'll be around on Zion: we seem ill-suited for each
> >other.  I can not imagine why JWR asked me back.  Perhaps he has
> something
> >perverse up his sleeve.  Ya think?
> There is no mystery, Ron.  The list has been pretty dead lately, and I
> thought that you might liven things up a bit.  You are not bashful about
> posting, and some difference of opinion stimulates discussion.
> The truth is, I really miss Marc Schindler.  He wasn't quite as
> "right-wing" as some of us, and he was a major contributor on Zion for
> years.  I was hoping that you might help make up for some of the loss I
> feel at his passing.
> Besides, I miss Day-One largely because it gave me a chance to rub
> shoulders with you.  I've always enjoyed your online company, and I was
> hoping Mormon-L would be willing to share with Zion in this case.
> Anyway, rest assured that I didn't invite you here just to beat
> up on you,
> nor did I invite you here to drive off some of my best, long-term, online
> friends.  I just thought we might have some interesting
> conversations.  That is what these email lists are all about, the endless
> bull session.  Hallelujah.
> Welcome to the list, Ron.  I'm really glad you are here.
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> must never be disagreeable. We must be friendly,
> soft-spoken, neighborly, and understanding." (President
> Gordon B. Hinckley, October 2003)
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