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> -Stephen-
> > Still, God has seen fit to represent his feeling as hatred, so
> > I don't think we have much business telling him he's wrong.
> -Ron-
> > After reading the scriptures you cited that God's hatred is of
> > the "deeds" a man commits.
> You may gloss the scriptures however you choose, of course, as we
> probably all do at times.  However, as I pointed out, the very wording
> of the scriptural verses I cited shows that God hates the person or
> people being named<

Really? Would God hate the man if the man repented of his sins? I think not.
Ditto the rest of your citations. Glossifying the scriptures is very human.
Even you indulge.  I noticed you have not mentioned the oft-quoted advice:
"love the sinner, hate the sin."  Such, I think, underscores the point I
tried to make.

Ron Scott

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