> However, as I pointed out, the very wording of the scriptural
> verses I cited shows that God hates the person or people being
> named<

[Note that I believe you were replying to an earlier, erroneously-sent 
version of my email.  Possibly I expressed myself somewhat more clearly 
in the later version.]

> Really? Would God hate the man if the man repented of his sins?
> I think not.


> Ditto the rest of your citations.

Sorry, I'm missing your meaning.  Ditto in what way?  That God would 
cease to hate the repentant individual in each case?  As I mentioned 
above, I agree with you on this point.

> Glossifying the scriptures is very human. Even you indulge.

Moi?  Shirley ewe jest.  (In fact, I think assigning such glosses is 
almost unavoidable in mortality, and I'm certainly as mortal as anyone.  
The best we can do is remain conscious of this failing and try to stem 
it where possible.)

> I noticed you have not mentioned the oft-quoted advice: "love
> the sinner, hate the sin."

And good advice it is.  But I was seeking to establish the specific 
point that the scriptures teach that God does indeed hate some 
individuals, and try to establish the larger point Elder Nelson 
addressed, that God's love is not unconditional.  So the good advice you 
quote above didn't seem germane.

> Such, I think, underscores the point I tried to make.

Then perhaps we're trying to make different points.  If your point is 
that God loves us struggling sinners despite our wretched state, I think 
you've succeeded -- though I doubt anyone here disagreed with you to 
begin with.


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