> To me, immortality and eternal life have the same meaning. Your
> definition of "immortality" is mine for "salvatation."  Yours
> for "eternal life" is mine for "exaltation."

I think you meant "salivation".  ;)~ <--(drool)

This points up once again that which I personally believe to be the 
basis for almost all philosophical pondering:  The definition of words.  
Obviously, we must have common word definitions in order to communicate. 
 Almost as obviously, the Lord has historically used existing words in a 
given language to represent concepts that are actually above or beyond 
the accepted meaning of the word; witness "eternal life", a state which 
we believe comes to those who have died.

I believe this is the case with God's "hatred" of sinful and unrepentant 
individuals.  Some object to the term "hate", thinking that somehow it 
lessens God's majesty or perfection to "hate" anyone or anything; or 
perhaps they're afraid that if perfect love does not preclude hatred, 
maybe God won't love them.  As I wrote before, I don't understand the 
psychological reasons, even in myself, that people have such a strong 
reaction to the clear scriptural teaching that God's love is 
conditional.  Nor do I believe that God's hatred of the unrepentant 
wicked is spiritually similar to my hatred of that mean bully who picked 
on me in school when I was a boy.  But still, God uses the word "hate" 
to represent his feelings, so I don't think we're authorized to correct 
him on that point.

As to your specific example of eternal life vs. immortality, I believe 
current prophetic usage of the terms has established that eternal life 
== exaltation, while immortality == resurrection.  You may hold private 
definitions, of course, but in public conversation one generally reverts 
to the established meanings.


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