At 10:15 AM 11/5/2003, Stephen Beecroft wrote:

I believe this is the case with God's "hatred" of sinful and unrepentant
individuals.  Some object to the term "hate", thinking that somehow it
lessens God's majesty or perfection to "hate" anyone or anything; or
perhaps they're afraid that if perfect love does not preclude hatred,
maybe God won't love them.

Joseph Smith taught (Or at least someone authorized by Joseph Smith) in the "Lectures On Faith," that not only was God a God of passions but was a being in whom, ". . . all fulness and perfection dwell." Furthermore, in order to exercise complete faith in God unto Salvation, man must have a correct understanding of God's "character, perfections, and attributes. I believe Joseph Smith. I believe that God experiences *all* the passions that we humans do, including hate, jealousy, envy, and yes--even lust--but only in their perfected state.

Is God a jealous God? Yes, but his jealousy is that of a perfected state.

Is God a envious God? Yes, but his envy is that of a perfected state.

In other words, I don't believe there is a passion or emotion, that we humans usually think of as negative ones, that God doesn't possess. God however, experiences hate and envy in a far different manner than us mortals do.

Steven Montgomery

Do I err, then, in believing that the universe is built upon symbols, to the end that it may bear record of its all-wise Architect and Builder? God teaches with symbols; it is his favorite method of teaching. The Savior often used them. (Orson F. Whitney, Improvement Era, August 1927)

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