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> I believe this is the case with God's "hatred" of sinful and unrepentant
> individuals.  Some object to the term "hate", thinking that somehow it
> lessens God's majesty or perfection to "hate" anyone or anything; or
> perhaps they're afraid that if perfect love does not preclude hatred,
> maybe God won't love them.  As I wrote before, I don't understand the
> psychological reasons, even in myself, that people have such a strong
> reaction to the clear scriptural teaching that God's love is
> conditional. <<

Perhaps because it's NOT CLEAR and flies in the face of all that the gospel


> As to your specific example of eternal life vs. immortality, I believe
> current prophetic usage of the terms has established that eternal life
> == exaltation, while immortality == resurrection.  You may hold private
> definitions, of course, but in public conversation one generally reverts
> to the established meanings.<

Really?  I've missed it.  But, I suppose a rose by another name would smell
as sweet.  Maybe not. Depends on what's behind the other name.


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