Kent Francis responds with a personal example:

      Let me introduce myself.  My name is Kent Francis and I currently
live in West Jordan, Utah.  I grew up in the Bay Area of California and
graduated with a Masters Degree in Cybernetics from San Jose State.  I
worked for IBM and Control Data for 18 years and in 1984 established my
own computer software company.  I have 5 children (the youngest is now 28
and so the fight has moved on to others).  I offer my experiences in the
hope that they may be useful to you in your attempt to teach your
children proper principles, and your fight to protect them from people
in the world who might do them harm.  Sixteen years ago I wrote the
following letter to all my children's teachers as a result of the
pervasive influence of Humanism in their schools, and the destructive
techniques that were being used to destroy the value system that we had
tried so very hard to teach them.

Dear Teacher,

       When we lived in California and Connecticut we were exposed to a
new religion called Humanism.  I say "Religion" because on at least two
occasions the Supreme Court of the United States has judged it as such.
It has a "Manifesto" I and II (what we would call "Articles of Faith"
which states that there is no such thing as "God", the soul, or immortal
salvation, and that the "Judeo-Christian" religions and ethic systems
are obstacles to human progress. In the areas of sexuality, they believe
that intolerant attitudes cultivated by orthodox religions unduly
repress sexual conduct.  The right to birth control, abortion, and
divorce should be recognized.  Mankind is the result of animal evolution
and the ethic system which serves him best is one created by the
principles of "scientific method"; there is no right or wrong, life is

       In order to spread the concepts of their religion, they have
turned to the secular channels of information; especially the
educational system. Their champions are well known.  John Dewey and
Horace Mann, the "fathers" of modern education, B.F. Skinner of operant
conditioning fame, J.L. Moreno who designed socioprogams, role playing
and psychodrama, Maslow who created the Third Force Psychology, Dr.
Carl Rogers of sensitivity training fame, Dr. Lester Kirkendall of
SIECUS, Dr. Albert Ellis a leading champion of pre-marital sex, Dr.
William Glasser of Reality Therapy and "Schools Without Failure"
programs, Jerome Bruner author of the M:ACOS program, and Louis Raths
and Dr. Sidney Simon - designers and promoters of Values Clarification
and Values Changing curriculum.  Lately the darling of educational
circles is Lawrence Kohlberg of Harvard and the Center for Moral
Education who calls for "cognitive moral development".

       Because our children couldn't cope with the "brainwashing", we
gave up our career and retreated to the religious and conservative Utah,
only to find that the local emphasis on education had allowed this
atheistic religion and its values modification techniques to ingratiate
itself with many of the unsuspecting educators.  We were, however,
pleased to learn that the Utah education code 53-14-4 and 10
specifically prohibits the teaching of atheistic religion and requires
teachers to teach honesty, morality, courtesy, obedience to law, respect
for parents and homes, respect for the constitutions of the US and Utah,
the value of honest labor, and upright citizenship.

Also it states that "the importance and necessity of good manners,
truthfulness, temperance, purity, patriotism and industry shall be
given as instruction in connection with regular schoolwork".  In
addition the Hatch amendment to the US educational code specifically
prohibits the use of these psychological testing techniques and
practices without the express written permission of parents.

       Because you might not be aware of these things being a part of
the curriculum or teaching materials you are using, we would welcome
an opportunity to discuss them with you at your convenience.  In the
meantime, please do not expose our children to psychodramas, role
playing, the values clarification program where they are asked to write
journals which are made public, or class discussions on the values of
our home and family.  Especially to be avoided are moral dilemmas on
who is to be chosen in life or death situations (10 people in a life
boat with only room for 5...), advocacy of the new morality, and the
supposed "rights" of students to govern their own lives without the
interference of parents or other authority figures.   My children are
generally depressed and distressed by the whole tone of this religion,
which dwells in excruciating detail on the dark side of life.  Often in
the name of examining the great questions of life, they emphasize
inhumanity, immorality, deviation, death, disease and disfigurement.
Although life is not easy, its more positive aspects have much to
recommend them.

        We appreciate your dedication to the teaching of our children,
and honor you for your choice of profession.  If you would like to
discuss our children or any of these things we have mentioned, please
give us a call.


Kent Francis


Although I had been exposed to Humanism in college (along with many other challenges to my ethics system), I dismissed it as a harmless exposure to "other" systems of thought which broadened my view of the world. It was not until we saw the advanced stages of its re-educational techniques in the lives of our children in Connecticut that we became really alarmed.

      One evening we were having a family meeting to assign jobs for
the coming week.  My 8 year old offered us the following dialogue.
"I don't have to do what you say.  I am my own person.  I have rights
too.  If you beat me, I'll tell the school and they'll arrest you for
child abuse.  I have friends who will take care of me.  I don't have to
believe all this stupid stuff you tell us; you can't make me go to
church..." and so on for 5 minutes; he only slowed down when his sisters
started to cry.  We just sat there with our mouths open.  Then next
morning on Donahue we saw a teenager spout almost the same speech and
learned for the first time that there was a national problem much larger
than what we thought was a local problem with our son.

      Naturally, we got involved.  At school we found the teachers using
a "Values Clarification" manual and every class meeting daily in a
"Magic Circle" group encounter therapy program to help the children
"clarify their values".  When we discussed the program with the
administration we were told that most parents were not giving their
children the proper training in ethics, and so the school had taken upon
itself the role of instructing the children in a "universal set" of
values.  They had to do this in self defense since the schools were full
of drugs, vandalism, and violence.  They felt that if they started in
Kindergarten with an "ethics reeducation" program, they could solve
these destructive social problems they were seeing.  We attended some of
the sessions and we were shocked at what we saw.  Children arriving at
their own ethics system after being exposed to a catalogue of all the
ills "caused" by the Judeo-Christian ethics system.  What was this new
system? Situational ethics.  Everyone decides what is right for them.
To help sensitize the children to the "modern world", homosexuals of
both sexes were invited to present their alternate life styles.
Abortion and Euthanasia were discussed and the children were asked to
make life and death decisions.  Witchcraft and "ecological science"
were offered as alternatives to structured religion.  Hypnotism was
used in 3rd grade art classes to "liberate" the children's creativity.
The Junior Great Books program was used to supplement their reading
program.  Who could object to "Great Books" and classics like "Little
Red Riding Hood"?  Everyone! when you realized that the stories had
been re-written so that they discussed alternate life styles and
children's rights.  "The woodsman cut some faggots.  Look up in your
dictionary the meaning of the word.  Why do people use that term to
describe other people? and so on..."

      We got our neighbors together, we found there were people all over
the U.S. fighting the same problem we were seeing. We educated ourselves
through books and outside speakers.  We thought we were making some
progress in city-wide PTA to do something about the problem when
Connecticut passed an Academic Freedom Law.  Non-Professionals (i.e.
parents) were no longer allowed to interfere in the choice of
curriculum or the hiring of teachers; we were shut out.  We found out
that most of our neighbors agreed with the schools;  we were trouble
makers (the administrators even had a manual on how to handle irate
parents) and education of children should be left to the professionals.
We gave up our career and moved back to the West where we could be among
people who shared our ethical and religious beliefs.

      The first day of school in Utah, my high school student brought
me her English writing assignment.  They had discussed the following
situation: You and your best friend are hiking in the mountains and she
falls over the cliff.  You climb down and find that her back is broken.
She realizes that she will be an invalid the rest of her life and begs
you as her friend to push her on over the cliff.  What do you do?  The
kids in the class said they would push her over the cliff.  Isn't that
murder my confused daughter asked me?  At school we found that the
teacher had spent the summer in Connecticut with Lawrence Kohlberg
learning the latest "educational" techniques.  We decided that the
problem had gotten here before us; but we felt that we could probably
have an influence here so we went to work.  We found that the teacher
felt that she had a moral obligation to disobey the law if she disagreed
with it.  We were teaching our children that they had an obligation to
obey the law and use their rights to change it through constitutional
means if they disagreed.  When the teacher was unwilling to see our
viewpoint we found that she transferred our student to another English

      We drafted the above letter to all the teachers, and got to work.
We met with the school board and asked that another program of reading
supplement be chosen rather than the "Junior Great Books" which was also
in place here.   After some highly publicized debate the board agreed
and the program was replaced.  We talked to the teachers and pointed out
the problems of their using the "national" values clarification manual.
They agreed with us and stopped using the manual.  We found that there
were groups involved in trying to influence the legislature at a state
level and got involved. Luckily, the state education code had provisions
that prohibited the teaching of "atheistic religion" and mandated the
teaching of positive values.  We read all the text books being used in
our educational system and made recommendation to the appropriate state
educational committees on the least objectionable.  We found out that in
order to change the establishment, you cannot appeal to emotionalism; you
have to understand the law, demonstrate where the program is not in
conformance, and then work hard to change it or make it better.

Ron Scott wrote:

So for the moment I will abide your claims above.  Meantime, please answer
the key question I asked earlier: Give us specific examples of  > ...  how
secular humanism and athiesm are bigger threats to us today than they  were,
say, a couple of hundred years ago.< Church membership is up. Ditto church
attendance. Ditto people who identify themselves as a member of a church.


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