Thank you for your kindness in skipping the lesson.  The world will be
better because of the silence on this matter.


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> > even, haven't the foggiest idea what the John Birch Society is really
> > about. All they know about it is what they've heard on TV, radio or the
> > newspapers. Or perhaps from Secular Humanist College Professors <grin>.
>Well, by all means, clue them in as to what they've been missing. Be sure
>show how it correlates neatly with Mormon teachings.

Nah. I won't bother. Those who are really interested will find out.

Steven Montgomery

Those of us who take note of and criticize abuses of power by the
federal bureaucracy are often accused of being "anti-government." This
is not only untrue, it is the exact opposite of the truth. The John
Birch Society and those who share our constitutionalist point of view
are emphatically pro-government  so much so, in fact, that we want to
see as many governments as possible dividing power and responsibilities,
and keeping each other in check. What we oppose is the alternative  the
effective abolition of local, county, and state governments and their
absorption into a monolithic federal state, which in turn would
ultimately be subsumed into a global leviathan directed by the United
Nations.--WNG The Review of the News Oct 13, 2002

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