If that's how you define, eternal marriage  between one man and one woman,
then  no problem.

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> Ron Scott wrote:
> >What is this, some kind of litmus test? Please define "new and
> everlasting
> >covenant?
> It is not a litmus test, it is a Sunday School lesson from the Gospel
> Essentials Sunday School manual entitled GOSPEL PRINCIPLES.  On another
> thread George Cobabe said that "official Church doctrine" was
> very hard to
> determine.  And I said that this is only true if we get into speculative
> areas.  As long as we stick to the most basic fundamentals, "official
> Church doctrine" is easily determined.
> Well, the Gospel Essentials class is for investigators and new
> members and
> it basically just supplements and reinforces the missionary discussions
> that all our missionaries teach to new investigators.  The manual, which
> has been through correlation, restricts itself to the most basic
> fundamentals and is NOT controversial in the tiniest degree.
> What is the "new and everlasting covenant?"  The phrase is used two ways
> that I know of:  1) It is a reference to the Book of Mormon, and
> 2) it is a
> reference to temple marriage for time and all eternity.  This
> latter usage
> is evidently the one being used in the  lesson I posted.
> I have thought I would post parts of the GOSPEL PRINCIPLES manual
> from time
> to time to see if I get any disagreement, and if so, from whom.  I keep
> hearing about false doctrine creeping into our correlated manuals, but I
> don't know of any particular instances.  I thought this might be
> one way of
> finding out.
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