> Between man and woman.  According to D&C 132, plural marriage is OK as
> long
> as it is authorized by the priesthood.  --JWR

Also given as a command to the people when the Lord wishes to raise up
seed unto himself according to the Book of Mormon. Jacob 2:30. Obviously
under priesthood authorization.

We aren't that far removed from that very circumstance.  I know a man
who is the child of an authorized polygamist. He, the man I know, is
awfully old, and his father has been dead for a long time. But the
connection is pretty close. My grandfather, who died just 15 years ago
was another child of polygamy. As was my grandmother. They had so many
half brothers and sisters that they never met some of them. But their
parents were participating in an honourable and most pragmatic exercise
in the origins of this church. The development of the church was
leapfrogged a hundred years by polygamy.  In my completely unverifiable
opinion.  Bringing it back now could set the church back a hundred years
too. Unless that's what the Lord decrees, in which case it's just the
way it is. However I have no sense of it coming back, certainly no
desire to see it. But I am curious how we are going to square the circle
of proselyting those corners of the world where it is in good standing.
But God has figured that out and he'll let us know when we have a need
to know. For now, those who insist on practicing it separate themselves
from the good fellowship and ordinances of the Church, and justly so.
But I'm fiercely positive about the divine institution of plural
marriage at and for the time and place that it was established. 


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