As you know my views are based on scriptures, not quotes from authorities.
There are significant disagreements between the two, as you are aware. When
you raise the question expect responses.  It would seem that you are asking
the questions, I am not raising the issues.  You seem to be seeking
disagreement with the book Gospel Doctrine and with doctrinal issues
generally.  You seem to almost be goading me by asking the questions you do
and at the same time asking for more interaction on the list, however I am
apparently wrong on that.

I shall be silent - unless you continue to ask.


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> George Cobabe wrote:
> >As you know, John, when you ask the question I can testify that this is
> >true.  However there is more to the answer than what has been presented.
> >
> >I would be delighted to discuss this topic with courtesy and good will,
> >that would be possible.
> If you have any information that current Church leaders support your view
> that all who obtain the Celestial Kingdom inherit eternal life, I would be
> interested.  Otherwise, I'd rather move on to something else.  I don't
> Tom Matkin leaving the list again.  His views and mine are very much
> mainstream as stated in GOSPEL PRINCIPLES.
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