At 08:28 AM 11/7/2003 -0700, St George wrote:
Ah - a topic that will not engender evil emotions.

I just finished reading "By the Hand of Mormon" by Terryl Givens.  A
excellant book regarding the history and perspectives of the Book of Mormon
from historical as well as non-mormon perspective.  Chapter Eight on
"Dialogic Revelation" and the Book of Mormon's application of the principles
was truly eye-opening.

I have just started "Restoring the Ancient Church, Joseph Smith and Early
Christianity"  By Barry Bickmore.  It looks at the early Christian Church
and describes how it was corrupted and then how the early doctrines compare
so favorably with our current doctrines.  It looks very good.

Cool. Terry and his wife Fiona were in our ward years ago. I ran into her at Education week in '02. She was buying a copy of his latest book. 8>))


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