I'm currently reading this note you sent.  ;-)

I'm also involved in "how to write science fiction and fantasy" by our 
own Orson Scott Card; and "The Book of J" edited by Harold Bloom.

Cousin Bill wrote:
> I'm sorry to rain on everyone's parade.  I see that many people
> enjoy discussing the gospel.  I do not qualify to join such
> discussions.  I just don't have the knowledge everyone else has.
> So I decided to start a new thread.  In the past, my efforts have
> had mixed results.  At times I have started threads that have
> lasted weeks.  Other times my post seems to be the only one, so I
> suppose it could not even be called a thread.  We shall see how
> this one works out.  Please forgive the lightheartedness.
> I was just wondering what everyone is reading these days.  I'm
> currently working my way through Red Rabbit by Tom Clancy.  I had
> decided to read the Iliad and the Odyssey, but I didn't get too
> far before I realized that I will need to get the Cliff Notes to
> go with that.  My little brain just doesn't function that well.
> Luckily I will be heading for Savannah next month so I plan to
> pick it up then.  I'm thinking of reading Contact by Carl Sagan
> next.  I really enjoyed the movie, and I can't imagine anyone
> having seen that movie without being convinced that there is life
> out there beyond the confines of the earth.
> So does anyone care to share what they are reading these days?
> Or their thoughts on life in outer space?  I'm kind of angry at
> myself.  Astute readers will notice that I have a new e-mail
> address.  I also have a new computer.  I downloaded the SETI
> program, but when I tried to add on to my previous SETI total
> they asked for my password.  I have no idea, and since they only
> send the password to the old address (which has since been
> cancelled), I'm out of luck.  I had over 400 completed work
> units, and had to start over.  I'm at about 90 now.  One good
> thing, my new computer whips through those work units between two
> and three times as fast as my old computer.
> Anyway, I ask again, what are you guys reading?
> Cousin Bill
> "Our country, right or wrong.  When
> right, to be kept right.  When wrong,
> to be put right." -- Carl Schurz

Gerald (Gary) Smith
geraldsmith@ juno.com

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