George Cobabe wrote:
> Boy o Boy, that is certainly a response designed to continue discussion. 
>  It
> is interesting that the best you can offer is a complete denial that 
> Stacy
> had anything useful to say and without and justification on your part.  
> Not
> even a disclaimer that you uinderstand it differently, but jsut a 
> dismissal.

One ad-hominem leads to another.  Perhaps we could anticipate where this 
is leading, and just skip the ending.

Whether or not you find the bloom in list traffic personally gratifying, 
I am certain we could all benefit from a higher intellectual level of 
exchange, even when we cannot resist slinging invectives.

My best insults nearly always pass virtually unrecognized over the heads 
of the intended recipients.  I most enjoy the passive-aggressive attack.


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