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So my question is: Does anyone on this list do martial arts-type
stuff?  Any ninjas, or karate kids, or judo choppers, or boxers,
or Muay Thai kickboxers?  Any of that stuff actually work in a
practical self-defense situation?  My kids took aikido for a
while, which was very fun for them and all, but got way too
expensive for us, and I never thought it looked very useful for
any actual self-defense purposes.  Anyone care to educate me?

Samurai Stephen

My kids do kendo, bamboo-sword fighting.  But it would be pretty
useless unless you had a bamboo sword with you when you needed to
defend yourself.

Cousin Bill
"Our country, right or wrong.  When
right, to be kept right.  When wrong,
to be put right." -- Carl Schurz

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