My churches always taught no sexual union before marriage and no extramarital affairs either. It's what they didn't teach about the other doctrines I've come to appreciate.


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Jim Cobabe wrote:
John W. Redelfs wrote:
How can we teach
1) that all the other churches contain some truth, and 2) that we are
the only true church?  The two statements are not incompatible, but they
might easily be confused by those of inadequate education.

I believe it is being done as we speak.  Do you see the current
missionary program as compromised or ineffective?  Looks like it is
working well to me.

I agree. There is no inadequacy in the missionary program. OTOH as long as I've been online I have run across members, often of long standing or even born in the Church, who seem to feel that one church is about as good as another, and that this one is extraordinary only because it is the one they grew up in. This isn't just the "best" church, it is the ONLY one that teaches correct doctrine.

I'm not against the truth that I see preached in other churches. I'm all for it. I just don't see nearly as much as I see here. And the gap is much wider in my perception than it is for most of the saints. By contrast, those in other churches are in desperate need of our missionaries because their gospel isn't much improved over the philosophies of men that they could learn down at the corner pub.

For an example, it astounds me that many Protestant congregations never teach the value or desirability of chastity before marriage and fidelity after marriage. They don't teach tithing or Sabbath observance. A lot of them don't even teach their members how to pray, or the importance of repentance.

I guess I just get defensive when others seem unaware of HOW blessed we are to have the guidance of true prophets. Then I hear them defending these other denominations, and I'm afraid they just don't understand how fortunate they are.

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