George Cobabe wrote:
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> Here is the paper:
> The Only True Church

Nice work George.

I especially like that you included this passage:

> Every serious seeker for the truth needs to ask what a testimony of a 
> living
> prophet would do in their lives? How would it help them in their daily
> struggles? How would it change and bless their life? The answer to this
> question tells why a prophet is so important as part of the ".only true 
> and
> living church upon the earth."

and that while your paper did not shrink for the strength and uniqueness 
of our position it showed that we are friendly to, cooperative with and 
supportive of our sister churches. There is a great power in comparing 
what Joseph Smith said then and what Boyd K Packer says now. Things 
really haven't changed, at least from our point of view. What maybe has 
changed to a certain extent is that at least all the churches in the 
country aren't in an uproar against us as they once were.  Being a good 
neighbour has paid off over time. Witness the coalistion of Christian 
ministers in SLC coming together to criticize the street preachers 


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