John W. Redelfs wrote:
> I have mixed feelings about befriending other churches.  It seems to me 
> that we should befriend individuals and not false churches.  After all, 
> false churches teach false doctrine and in doing so they fight against 
> the 
> truth.  If false churches aren't the church of the devil, what is?  
> Maybe 
> nothing is, do you think?

What's the alternative to befriending other churches? 

Actually the way the Church interacts with other churchs is purely the 
business of the prophet and the first councils of the Church. I support 
President Hinckely 100% on this one. It's his call. I note that the 
Church is independent of all other churches in terms of doctrine, 
programs, missionary work, ordinances, and other matters of theology and 
administration.  We tend to cooperate where we see a need that we can 
meet or where cooperation will strengthen a response to some 
compassionate or disaster relief. We try to be good neighbours.  For 
example the local United Church of Canada has all of its benches and 
most of its other furniture from donations from us. As we have had 
excess or older chairs or tables or whatever we have donated it to them. 
The local Lutherans are also helped that way.  The United Church had to 
renovate their building not too many years back and the LDS community 
was very active in the fundraising. I supported that completely except 
that we have one of our buildings in town that has caused us a lot of 
grief with some structural deficiencies and I proposed at High Council 
that we just give them our dud of a building and start over with a nice 
new one.  That got a laugh, but didn't happen.  Anyway I had the very 
real sense that my neighbors and friends of other faiths should have a 
place to worship that paralleled the beautiful buildings that we 
enjoyed.  Never mind that they can't get their act together to fund 
their own needs the way we do, it's still a shame that their buildings 
are of such a lower standard by comparison.  By helping with the 
fundraising we were able to adjust that disparity in a measure.  And we 
have made friendships that are marvelous in the process. These are just 
ordinary people, church going people, who haven't seen the light... yet. 
Last week the United Church minister called me up and asked if he could 
use one of our churches for a funeral for one of his members as he was 
afraid it would be too big for his building.  We found him a good place 
and offered all sorts of other support. In the end one of the speakers 
at the funeral was a former stake president who had worked with the 
deceased in the school system. It was a great day of cooperation and 
mutual respect. And I got to sing Amazing Grace in the South Hill 
Chapel. It doesn't get any better than that.


I just pretend I'm a princess, and that I could summarily have her 
executed at any time according to my own pleasure.  It gives me great 
comfort! (The Little Princess)

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