I guess I often thought about the differences between the account of the creation in the Book of Moses and the Book of Abraham. I think the one in Abraham is far more detailed.


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Interesting speculation and observations.

I have long believed that Book of Moses provides the most comprehensive and
broad scriptural presentation we have as to how God went about creating the
worlds. It provides a account that is quite instructive generally. Moreover,
it seems to suggest that when we know exactly how He did it, His processes
will be grounded in pure science not magic.


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> John,
> Now you are just going to have to accept the fact that some
> things have not been revealed yet.  We can only speculate on the
> descent of man, whether there was an evolution involved or not.
> My speculation is that the scriptures were written on a
> personal/lineage history level. In the current FARMS magazine,
> discussing DNA and the BoM, Sorensen explains what
> personal/lineage histories of small groups are.
> As far as they are concerned, the universe revolves around them,
> and they view events in terms they understand. Amazingly, we do
> the same today. 9/11 or Pearl Harbor only have value inasmuch as
> we place value there personally.  When our personal worlds are
> falling apart, it seems the whole world is coming unglued. And
> when we are doing great, we often forget the pains that still
> occur throughout the rest of the world.
> Given archaeology's estimate that there were only 1-200 million
> people alive in Abraham's day throughout the world, we can
> understand how unpopulated many places would be, especially
> further back in Adam's day. We are possibly talking of just a few
> million people, according to archaeology. It would be very easy
> to believe him to be the only person upon the earth.
> Or, it is very possible that the Lord allowed Adam to be first
> man, and those before him were not counted as in the population
> of mankind. We worry about thousands and millions of years, when
> God works in multi-billion years and perhaps much longer periods
> of mortal time. Was God the Father around prior to the creation
> of this universe 15 billion years ago? Perhaps. Does it matter?
> Not really. Did he create this earth 4 billion or 6 thousand
> years ago? Doesn't matter, either way. He's free to do it any way
> he likes. Is the Bible a perfect history? Possibly, but not
> necessarily so. It is highly likely that scribes down the road
> from Moses could have enhanced some of the story. Why else would
> there be two creation stories in the Bible? Yes, I know some
> claim one to be a spiritual creation and the other a physical -
> but if so, which is which? If the second is the physical
> creation, then there's no mention of creating Day and Night,
> earth and water, etc. We just have a general creation, and then
> man shows up in the Garden.
> As for the creation stories in the Book of Moses and the
> endowment, we still don't know whether we are learning about the
> spiritual creation or the physical one. And there is Book of J
> evidence of a third-type of creation story within the Bible that
> falls in line with ancient Babylonian/Sumerian Creation stories
> (including God having to fight and destroy Leviathan).  So, which
> one do we fully rely upon?
> Traditionally, we take Genesis 1, and follow it. But it isn't
> necessarily that easy once we look deeper into the scriptures.
> Do i believe Adam was a historical person? Absolutely! I just
> don't know if he was physically the father of all humans, or
> symbolically the father of all humans. After all, did God create
> him out of the dust of the earth as the scriptures tell us, or
> was he transplanted here from another world, as suggested by
> Brigham Young?  More speculation!
> Gary
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