John W. Redelfs" wrote:
> If God is a man, and he existed before the world, and he created the
> how could mankind have evolved on this planet?  I mean, how did God become
> a man?

I don't get your question, John.  Perhaps I missed some context.

We know that there are millions of worlds on which man was created.  We know
that God once was as we are, not that he was on this world.  So if God once
was as we are, then what does that mean?  Does it mean that he also had a
Spirit Father?  It seems so to me.  Could he have taken the role of Christ
in some other <whatever>?  Our Christ said that he did nothing that he had
not seen the Father do.  What did that mean?

All I know is that I am one grateful person that they both did what they


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