You just laid out provocative exceprts but ignored the context. In addition,
you lay these out in ways that suggest these activities were endorsed
formally by the Russian government.  Finally, the excerpts you chose do not
take into account:

1.  Economic and political changes inside Russia  over the past 10 years.
2.  Complicity of the U.S. and other Western Governments
3.  Examples where, argubaly, the U.S. could accused of doing exactly the
same thing.

People more familiar with European history than I should comment, but, IMO
the West's performance in Russia after  the downfall of communism was
stunningly similar to our performance in Germany after World War I.  We won
the war; we packed up and went home; economic chaos ensued. What Russia
needed in 1991 to avoid chaos, economic disaster, people selling WMDs  and
eveyrthing else they could lay their hands on was a program similar to The
Marshall Plan that rebuilt Germany after WWII. We didn't offer such and, no
surprise, the outcome in Russia (for several years) was very similar to what
the West experienced in Germany between the close of WWI and the advent of
Hitler. Hell, we were hiring absolutely brilliant Ph.D. software engineers
for $50-70 A MONTH -- and that was considered a high salary at the time.
Levis cost $100; Microsoft sold its software at full price ($595 for Excel)
and complained like crazy when Russians bootlegged copies.

For instance, below is an exceprt from a 1993 column, "Looking East" that
ran in the Boston Business Journal  as well as the Megopolis Express,  then
a fledgling business/economics fortnightly in Moscow.

"The vacuum created economic disaster and political chaos he sucked yet
another dangerous fascist demagogue onto the world state.  The latest brown
shirt is Vladimir Volfovich Zhirinovsky, the boss of Russia's Liberal
Democratic Part, which drew 24 percent of the vote in the most recent
parliamentary elections.

"If nothing else the startling support for the fascist Liberal Democratic
Party (a misnomer that does Mrs. Malaprop proud) and the horrific visions of
Christmases past and future that it conjured finally aroused world leaders,
who had previously seemed oblivious to resurging fascism and totalitarianism
throughout Europe...

"No doubt Zhirinovsky's sabre-rattling rhetoric will scare of cautious money
and give everyone second thoughts about what communism's downfall has
wrought.  Nevertheless, increased capital investment and easier access to
Western markets are the ballast Russia needs to correct its rightward

"Since the proclaimed end to the cold war in 1991, Western investment in the
former Soviet Empire has been short on capital and long on barter; more
absorbed with satiating  pent-up demand for Western goods than focused on
helping Russia develop profitable channels of commerce to the West..."

The column concludes this way:

"Two years ago the downfall of communism provided responsible capitalists
with an unprecedented  opportunity to demonstrate how making money could
aslo secure the peace.  What was true then is truer today.  The bornw-shirt
tide surging through Russia and Eastern Europe suggests that the West, the
U.S. in particular, is not doing as much as it could be.  Time is not on our

The facts are: in 1992, anyone (including freelancers in the military) in
Russia with anything to sell -- goods and services -- was selling them,
literally off the back of a truck. To them, it was a matter of survival. The
U.S. was warned that if the West didn't intervene economically and
politically, weapons, including WMDs, military training, terrorists etc.
would likely be sold off to the highest bidder.  The U.S. dithered big time.
Should we be disappointed at what resulted (temporarily)? Absolutely. Should
we be surprised?  Absolutely not.

Is Russia an enemy today? Is Putin's past service in the KGB a problem? A
competitor, yes. Enemy, no. But, surely you understand why Russians are
miffed that we don't yet regard the terrorists in Chechnya (sp?) as

Ron Scott

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> Stanislav Lunev was a Colonel in Russian Military Intelligence (GRU). In
> 1992 he defected to the west and subsequently wrote a book entitled,
> _Through the Eyes of the Enemy_. In this book Lunev makes an interesting
> revelation:
> "the support and sponsorship of terrorist actions is more than justified
> for the GRU." He then tells how the Japanese Aum Shinryko cult
> was trained
> by Russian Spetsnaz squads. He then goes on, "Most of the Arab terrorist
> groups were also trained by Spetsnaz," and "[In] the early 1990s, the GRU
> decided that it would train any terrorist group that was able to
> pay for it."
> --
> Steven Montgomery
> Communism is Satan's counterfeit for the gospel plan,
> and . . . it is an avowed enemy of the God of the land.
> (Marion G. Romney, 1st Presidency Message, September 1979)
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