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You just laid out provocative exceprts but ignored the context. In addition,
you lay these out in ways that suggest these activities were endorsed
formally by the Russian government.  Finally, the excerpts you chose do not
take into account:


2.  Complicity of the U.S. and other Western Governments
3.  Examples where, argubaly, the U.S. could accused of doing exactly the
same thing.

Your right, I did leave it out. My intention was merely to show Russian involvement. The fact that certain elements within the United States are and have been involved in such matters is something, by the way, that the John Birch Society has been trying to point out for decades <grin>.

Steven Montgomery

"Nations are defined by their founders. George Washington set a standard of
selfless public service and heroic private virtue against which American
politicians continue to be measured - and found wanting - even today." --Steven W. Mosher

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