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> >Steve:
> >
> >You just laid out provocative exceprts but ignored the context.
> In addition,
> >you lay these out in ways that suggest these activities were endorsed
> >formally by the Russian government.  Finally, the excerpts you
> chose do not
> >take into account:
> <snipped>
> >2.  Complicity of the U.S. and other Western Governments
> >3.  Examples where, argubaly, the U.S. could accused of doing exactly the
> >same thing.
> Your right, I did leave it out. My intention was merely to show Russian
> involvement. The fact that certain elements within  the United States are
> and have been involved in such matters is something, by the way, that the
> John Birch Society has been trying to point out for decades <grin>.

 No question about JBS's efforts.  And, per usual, it's info is outdated,
taken out of context, incomplete and decidedly unoriginal. Net, net:
historically not a very reliable dissemenator of news, facts etc.


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