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>RB Scott wrote:
>>Then there are economic issues to be considered.  For instance:
>>suppose two good friends, both widowed mothers of
>minor children
>>decided their chances for remarriage were nil.  Yet, in the
>>interest of keeping their families out the poorhouse, to
>>eliminate the need to leave children unsupervised for long
>>periods of time, etc., etc., etc. concluded that the
>solution was
>>to form legal domestic partnership that provided all the health
>>insurance and tax benefits that accrue to married
>couples. Money,
>>a more stable family set-up, not sex, are the drivers.
> Would we
>>argue that such women are not entitled to form such a union?
>>And, if so, what would be the basis for our objections?  Might
>>precisely this kind of arrangement be one way society
>could help
>>get single-parent families on more stable ground.
>Oh, come on.  Who is doing that?  Show me an example of
>someone who is
>doing that?  Even if you can find one, it is an
>anomaly.  Should we then
>change our marriage laws throughout the union to
>encourage "this kind of
>arrangement" just for a few freaky exceptions?  --JWR

Freaky? How would it be freaky for two old friends, both single
parents, to decide to pool resources? Why would it be freaky for,
say, two siblings, both single parents,  to pool their resources,
reduce/consolidate their overhead costs as it were? Such has been
going on for years, albeit without the attendant tax benefits and
fringe benefit advantages. What's wrong with extending "equal"
benefits to such families?  Does society have a responsibility to
support all families...or just certain ones? Does society derive
benefits from encouraging people to form more stable and more
economically robust family units? The government says "yes."  So
does the "church."



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