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>RB Scott wrote:
>>Freaky? How would it be freaky for two old friends, both single
>>parents, to decide to pool resources? Why would it be
>freaky for,
>>say, two siblings, both single parents,  to pool their
>>reduce/consolidate their overhead costs as it were?
>Such has been
>>going on for years, albeit without the attendant tax
>benefits and
>>fringe benefit advantages. What's wrong with extending "equal"
>>benefits to such families?  Does society have a
>responsibility to
>>support all families...or just certain ones?
>Society has no responsibility to "support" any
>families.  Families are to
>support themselves.  If the government is going to
>"encourage" families, it
>ought to encourage the traditional family only.
>Otherwise it shouldn't
>encourage any families at all.  When the government
>gets into the act by
>encouraging other kinds of families it weakens the
>traditional family by
>reinforcing the idea that the traditional family is not
>the "ideal" family.<

I respect your opinion John, even though I disagree with it to
the extent that it would be practically impossible to come up
with a definition of "traditional family" that would pass muster.
For instance, I can no imagine that the church would exclude
single parent families (widowed and divorced) from the
definition.  One minor point: the government does provide support
to families and children -- schools, health benefits, and
substantial tax breaks.
>Actually, I think I'm coming more and more to agree
>with you that the
>government should just refrain from defining the family
>altogether.  It is
>obviously going to do a poor job of it.<

Well now, I think you are seeing the dilemma I see.

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